Three simple steps to give your event attendees a valued additional service for free.

J. Stratford Photography can provide a bespoke photography service for your event with experience in photographing events ranging from horse and dog shows through to social events including college and university proms.

Our easy three step event photography program comes at no cost and no risk to the event organiser and is an added attraction to complete a perfect occasion. All we ask is that you include us in all your promotional material for the event and that we are the sole photographer.


Step One: Book J. Stratford Photography

Book J. Stratford Photography to take an unlimited number of pictures at your event for free by clicking on the link below and include us in your promotional material. We will then contact you to finalise arrangements and discuss any additional requirements that you may have.

Step Two: Photographs taken at event

J. Stratford Photography will arrive at the location of your event with time to set up all necessary equipment (provided) before the event starts. On arrival your guests will have the opportunity to have formal individual and group shots taken (if appropriate) before we start photographing the event as it happens.

Step Three: Purchase any pictures desired from online shop at www.JStratford.co.uk/photography

The photographs will then be displayed on a dedicated part of our website where they will be sorted into online galleries for free. The gallery will stay on our website whilst you continue to promote us to your guests and whilst there is still interest in the photographs. Using our online shop the photographs can be purchased in a variety of formats more of which can be learnt by clicking here.

You also can request printed thumbnail brochures of all the photographs displayed in the galleries for your own promotional purposes. These will be provided on payment of a deposit at cost with the deposit returnable once the costs have been covered by purchase of pictures.

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